Hi juicy people, so it’s that time of year when the trees start
gaining back their colour and the vitamin D reaches out to our skin
again. There is nothing better then getting in the spring mood than a
juice to hug you from the insides. This week we will be sharing our
recipe for our famous Vanilla Ice Cream nut milk! This rich nut milk
drink is full of healthy sweetness to calm down those evening cravings
to finish a litre tub of Ben and Jerry’s (we’ve all been there

Curious about how we make these juices?

You will need;


Meejool Dates

Pink Himalayan Salt

Kangen Water

Vanilla extract

Nut bag


Leave the almonds, medjool dates, pink himalayan salt, vanilla extract
and Kangen water to soak over night (+-10 hours). When all this goodness
has soaked in all their flavour put the mix in a blender and blend until
smooth. Now here comes to fun part, put the mix in a nut bag and squeeze
all the filtered juice out. This will leave behind the pulp which we can
use for delicious muffins or cakes!

And there you go, you’re own Vanilla Ice Cream nut milk drink!

Here are some ways you can make it to your liking:

Break the ice: Shake it up with some crushed ice to make it into
vanilla milkshake goodness.

Heat it up: Feeling a little cold and want your body to release those
warm endorphins , why not warm it up?

Power up a level: Want to get those muscles pumping and happy? Add some
protein to your shake and help you muscles rebuild themselves faster!

Well there you have it, our famous Vanilla Ice Cream. Come past the
store and also try our Raw Chocolate nut milk too!

Lots of Love,

Juice to Boost